Scary new trend for conservatives

Maybe this is just in time for halloween, but I’ve started to notice a scary new trend from conservatives.    I’ve been regularly hearing from different conservatives that education isn’t a right, and that all Americans should not expect to be educated.

Education (according to these conservatives) should be limited to those from a certain economic background, or have parents with a certain level of education themselves, or perhaps to those who can be educated for under a certain cost.  

Somehow though, to these conservatives, this is a completely normal way of thinking.    Of course, these conservatives somehow are always well educated, with the ability to send their children to the best private schools.  Hmm….

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Jesus and the Right Wing

One Nation Working Together – 10.2.10-66, originally uploaded by Common Cause.

I think this is true. Actually, the GOP candidate for MN House running in my district stopped by earlier this summer and after chatting for a while called me a socialist and left. I think I am in good company.

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My Heros in Congress

These are my heros in congress, the best of the best this session.

The Honorable John Boccieri

The Honorable Chris Carney

The Honorable Jerry Costello

The Honorable Kathy Dahlkemper

The Honorable Joe Donnelly

The Honorable Mike Doyle

The Honorable Steve Dreihaus

The Honorable Brad Ellsworth

The Honorable Barron Hill

The Honorable Paul Kanjorski

The Honorable Dale Kildee

The Honorable Alan Mollohan

The Honorable Jim Oberstar

The Honorable Nick Rahall

The Honorable Bart Stupak

The Honorable Charlie Wilson

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Conservatives say Stupid Stuff

Just when I think that conservatives can’t say anything more stupid, they somehow raise the bar.   You’d think that they would shut up over the tip credit flap and hope it goes away, but no, they want to continue to keep at it.

Today the word is that "Waiters who are making $25-50K a year won’t notice the money they lose to the tip credit." Well, that’s good to know.

Also, why in the world would anyone want the votes of a “waitress at a crappy 3:2 bar?”   I guess conservatives feel they shouldn’t vote, or maybe only people who work at "non-crappy" places should vote. 

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A Tea Party primary candidate in Pine County

Somehow there ended up being GOP primary for the house seat in 08B and Roger Crawford ( had better win this primary for the sake of the MNGOP.
Not just because the other challanger, Rudy Takala, is a tea party candidate, which is disgusting enough, but he has repeated the following shocking and horrific explanation for his vote in 2008.
“I can see one good quality to both John McCain and Barack Obama. McCain’s quality is that if he’s elected president, he will wear down and die within four years. Obama’s quality is that if he’s elected, he will be shot before his second term. I’m considering my ballot as a choice between whom I would rather see die, and within that context, I expect to have a more pleasant election day.”
I hope I don’t need to say anything further on the topic.
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What did conservative leadership do for metro development?

This is an few-months old story, but worth reviewing:

If Metropolitan Council Chairman Peter Bell’s final State of the Region speech last week contained a subliminal message, it was probably this: Seven years of conservative leadership has not destroyed the Twin Cities’ four-decade experiment in metro governance. The sky has not fallen. The clock has not been turned back. Even the most exalted liberal element of metro planning — rail transit — has pushed ahead to the point that the Twin Cities is no longer decades behind its competitors.

Pawlenty, even though Republican, did not impede progress in transit, urban planning, green energy, and other progressive policies.  It’s true that we have not advanced as fast as we should have the last 8 year, but one has to accept reality.   The question is, what are we going to do for the next 8 years?  Are we going to continue to go forward with light rail expansion? With green energy?  With smart growth?  

I do not believe that Emmer supports this progress and that it would be a big step backward to have him as governor.  We need to have a governor that will take the progress of the last 8 years and accelerate it.

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Promoting Responsible Fatherhood

A good message from President Obama on Father’s Day. 


YouTube – Promoting Responsible Fatherhood

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Why do conservative Democrats win?

This is an interesting statement from the NRSC about the Critz victory:

"As we saw in the special House election in Pennsylvania Tuesday, a well-funded Democrat candidate who runs like a conservative can overcome even the most unfavorable environment and win."

I’ve had a lot of conservatives tell me that the the reason Democrats won in 2006 and 2008 is that Democrats ran as conservatives and Republicans were just too darn liberal.  Since voters are seeking conservative representation, they were ‘duped’ into voting for Democrats.

I’ve challenged people conservatives who argue this to prove it and they are largely unable to.  Maybe this year the theory will be finally challenged and disposed to the dust bin of political strategies.

I just can’t buy that theory.  First of all, it doesn’t make any sense on its face.  The most conservative Democrat is largely more conservative than the most liberal Republican.  In fact, I’d be hard pressed to find any race where the Republican candidate was more liberal then the Democrat in 2006 and 2008.  So to accept the premise that voters are voting for conservative Democrat candidates because the Republicans are too liberal is to argue that conservatives are voting for the more liberal candidate for some reason.

Perhaps though it would make more sense to think that voters are voting for conservative Democrats, not because they are the most conservative candidates on the ballot, but because they have the right balance of conservative values that voters are comfortable with.  Maybe Republicans lost, not because they were too liberal, but because they were not liberal enough compared to what Democrats offered as conservatism.

The PPP has a good post up on this concept.   If you look at support among self-described moderates in PA-12, Critz had positive favorability rating of 67/27, while Burns had a negative rating among conservatives of nearly the opposite 27/52.    As a counter example, they list Senator Browns favorability rating among moderates as 62/31, almost matching Critz.

The fact that you see a lot of conservative Democrats and conservative Republicans winning primaries this year seems to give Democrats an advantage to dent the supposed GOP wave this November.  Unfortunately, conservatives may continue believing that the lesson should be that as more conservative Democrats win, the further to the right they should press.  Eventually they’ll get conservative enough that Americans will vote for them instead of Democrats.

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The conventions are over

Well, it’s done, the conventions are over.  Emmer wins the GOP endorsement, but I already figured he would and basically focused on DFL this year.  Now the goal is to do what I can to help Kelliher win in August.
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2009 is almost over

Well, it’s the end of 2009. Almost.
2009 was a fairly decent year.  Positive in some ways, stationary in others.   Plodding forward slowly though.  Compared to prior years, can’t complain.
What are the highlights of the year?
Working across the street from Caribou and now a Trader Joe’s.  Riding the bus to work.
Next year we’ll have our 3rd child.  1 girl and 2 boys.  Our family will be complete.  It sounds unreal. 
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