A Tea Party primary candidate in Pine County

Somehow there ended up being GOP primary for the house seat in 08B and Roger Crawford (http://voteforcrawford.com/) had better win this primary for the sake of the MNGOP.
Not just because the other challanger, Rudy Takala, is a tea party candidate, which is disgusting enough, but he has repeated the following shocking and horrific explanation for his vote in 2008.
“I can see one good quality to both John McCain and Barack Obama. McCain’s quality is that if he’s elected president, he will wear down and die within four years. Obama’s quality is that if he’s elected, he will be shot before his second term. I’m considering my ballot as a choice between whom I would rather see die, and within that context, I expect to have a more pleasant election day.”
I hope I don’t need to say anything further on the topic.
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