What did conservative leadership do for metro development?

This is an few-months old story, but worth reviewing:

If Metropolitan Council Chairman Peter Bell’s final State of the Region speech last week contained a subliminal message, it was probably this: Seven years of conservative leadership has not destroyed the Twin Cities’ four-decade experiment in metro governance. The sky has not fallen. The clock has not been turned back. Even the most exalted liberal element of metro planning — rail transit — has pushed ahead to the point that the Twin Cities is no longer decades behind its competitors.


Pawlenty, even though Republican, did not impede progress in transit, urban planning, green energy, and other progressive policies.  It’s true that we have not advanced as fast as we should have the last 8 year, but one has to accept reality.   The question is, what are we going to do for the next 8 years?  Are we going to continue to go forward with light rail expansion? With green energy?  With smart growth?  

I do not believe that Emmer supports this progress and that it would be a big step backward to have him as governor.  We need to have a governor that will take the progress of the last 8 years and accelerate it.

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